Wellness can help reduce stress and anxiety in Parents.

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Today Wings Learning Center is reaching out for a final 2018 ask. This end of the year campaign is to support a special wellness day we would like to provide our forty families.

Did you know that families affected by autism are at greater risk for stress? Stress do to;

  • coming to terms with the diagnosis
  • overwhelmed by the things they don't yet know or understand about autism and what it means for their children
  • feeling they have little control over the future for their children with autism
  • trouble handling children's challenging behaviors, including how children interact with others, eat or sleep
  • having trouble navigating the service system, which is quite complex
  • are finding it hard to manage daily life with children with autism (doing things with a child with autism can simply take longer and can often be quite frustrating)

By making a donation of $50, $100 or more to our campaign you will be providing a day where families can come together and share resources, enjoy a special breakfast and lunch, engage in meditation, massage, yoga and hear suggestions on how they can reduce their stress. Wings will also provide childcare to those families unable to find the resources.

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